Supercharge your Cardano NFT Discord Server

  • 🥳 Custom roles based on linked user assets
  • 🛒 Recently sold and recently listed channels
  • 🎫 Create whitelists utilizing custom API integrations
  • 🔎 Asset lookup commands

Unique Linked Users

Unique Linked Wallets

Linked Assets

Assign custom roles

Let users standout with custom roles based on what assets they own from your project.

  • Assign roles for:
  • ✅ Verify HODLers 👑
  • 🐳 Number of NFTs owned of a certain policy or policies
  • 👑 Specific traits in metadata
  • 🥩 Stake pool delegation

Collection Showcase

Give your members the ability to showoff their NFTs from your project.

  • Supported formats:
  • ⬜ In a Grid (Up to 8 NFTs)
  • 🎥 In a Looping GIF (Up to 8 NFTs)

Custom API Endpoint

Easily create whitelists, get assets owned, or more with a custom API endpoint.

  • Some use cases:
  • 🎫 Easily create whitelists or airdrop lists
  • 🧬 Quickly integrate into existing scripts/software

...and many more features!


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